Dimitri Aidonis is a class IV Flight Instructor who holds a commercial pilot’s licence endorsed with a Multi-Engine rating and a Group 1 Instrument rating.  In addition, he has obtained a float plane rating.

At the age of 16, before receiving his driving licence, Dimitri soloed his first flight.  His passion for aviation continued to grow.  Soon after obtaining his commercial pilot licence, an incredible opportunity arose for him in Northern Ontario when he was hired as a floatplane bush pilot.

As well, Dimitri crossed the skies of North America building experience flying a light twin aircraft and gaining valuable cross country time.  In addition, Dimitri has worked at Air Canada for more than 25 years as an aircraft station attendant.  As a result, he has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of aviation.

As a member of the Golden Horseshoe Aviation Team and a career flight instructor, Dimitri motivates and inspires pilots in training, while sharing his passion, skills, and knowledge of aviation.  Through a safe and inviting manner, Dimitri will support and encourage his students and other aviation enthusiasts to appreciate the many wonders and aspects of aviation.

Favourite quote: ‘ Always be one step ahead of the airplane’.

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